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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MapleStorySEA Season2 part one patch note

Season 2 Patch Note

Dear Maplers,
Job Advancement
The requirement for job advancement has been changed.
▪ 3rd Job Advancement will now be at Lv 60
▪ 4th Job Advancement will now be at Lv 100.
▪ Job advancement quest levels and quest monsters have been adjusted accordingly.
▪ Level restrictions on medals, mounts, sub-equipment and job advancement equipment have been adjusted to accommodate the changes.
▪ The required EXP to level up from lv. 60-75 and 100-125 have been adjusted.
▪ Those that had the job advancement levels adjusted will have all their SP reset, also including the adjusted additional SP.
▪ Do note that Evan and Knight of Cygnus are excluded in this job advancement revamp. Their job advancement will still remain the same.

Job’s Skill Revamp
Due to the change in level advancement for 3rd job and 4th job, there are also some changes to each Job skills. Some of the skills master level has been changed to accommodate the changes and also adding and removal of certains skills to improve the game play. To find out more in details, please refer to Jobs Skill Revamp.

Hyper Skills
Hyper skills will also be added in this patch. The diagram below briefly explains at which level, your character will be able to obtain those skill points to add into your hyper skills.

More hyper skills information, they can be found at Hyper Skills Part 1 and Hyper Skills Part 2.

Boss Revamp
▪ All the bosses have been revamped and their difficulty has been slightly increased. Some of the bosses will be dropping new equipment. New equipments include Tempest set, Kaiser set, Luminous set and Angelic Buster set.
▪ Normal Zakum no longer require an expedition, player can now form a party to enter
▪ Empress Cygnus no longer require an expedition, player will only need to hunt the “Dream Key” and form a party to enter.

Chaos Pink Bean
Chaos Pink Bean had been reported seeing around at the Temple of Time. Are you and your friends brave enough to face this new boss? Do not be fool by its cuteness as this boss is stronger than the normal Pink Bean.
▪ Required Lv 170 and above
▪ Form a Chaos Pink Bean Expedition to enter
Defeat him and who knows he may reward you with the all new Black Bean Hat or Black Bean Suit or Chaos Pink Bean Mark or a Loveless weapon.

Theme Dungeon
Kerning Square Revamp
Kerning Square had gone through a change. First of, Blake had officially become a singer and also a superstar but he seems to be not his usual self. Head over now to see what had caused him to change.
▪ The lobby had been revamped and a Lift was added. Player can now use the lift to go different floors instead of taking the elevator.
▪ All the previous quest in Kerning Square has been removed and replaced.
▪ Required Lv 35 and above

Fantastic Theme Park
Ludibrium has just finished adding in a new area, the “Fantastic Theme Park”. Explore the colourful theme park and who knows, you may find yourself fighting a weaker version of Targa and Scarlion.
▪ To go to Fantastic Theme Park, head over to the Top right corner of the Ludibrium town map and enter the portal.
▪ Or you can accept the quest “[Fantastic Theme Park] An Awkward Celebration” from the quest notifier on the left.
▪ Required Lv 120 and above
Upon completion, you may get a chance to obtain a Targa or Scarlion Hat as well as a medal.

Sakura Castle
Sakura Castle has been revamped and is now a theme dungeon. Can you kill the evil toad?
▪ Required Lv 70 and above
▪ Activate the quest from “Tae Gong’s Request: This is NOT a fish”
Upon Completion, you can get a Samurai Hat and a medal.

Inner Ability
Inner ability has been renamed to “Ability”. You no longer need to level up Honor level to get your ability. Instead now, it will be unlocked upon completing a simple quest at Lv.30 , Lv.50, Lv.70. The quest can be obtained from either the quest notifier or Maple Administrator.
▪ Lv 30 — Discover Ability, the First Ability
▪ Lv 50 — Getting Stronger, Second Ability
▪ Lv 70 — Completing Abilities, Third Ability

Party Quest
Existing Party quest has been categorized to different category.
imageParty Quest Entry : Beginner — “First Time Together”, “Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake”, “Dimensional Crack”, “The Ice Knight’s Curse
imageParty Quest Entry : Intermediate — “Romeo and Juliet”, “Forest of Poison Haze”, “Remnants of Goddess”, “Lord Pirate”
imageParty Quest Entry : Advanced — “Escape”, “Kenta in Danger”, “Rex the Hoblin King”
TangYoon Cooking Party Quest
▪ New Party Quest has been added, TangYoon Cooking Party Quest.
▪ Required Lv 60 – 90
▪ Access thru Dimension of Mirror and select Tangyoon’s Cooking Class image.
Collect image and use it to change
Also, when you manage to complete a number of time, you will be reward with a medal.

Item re-organisation
▪ The drop rate from monster has been increased. You may find normal equipments drop more frequently during your training session.
▪ The item UI display has been changed. Additional option and Additional Potential has been added. To find out more, please refer to the picture below.

Secondary Weapon
Secondary Weapon has been implemented to all jobs. Nebelle has moved into Henesys and vending secondary weapon of all classes.


Future Henesys – Party Zone
Some of the zones in future Henesys has become a party zone. Group up with your friends and guild mates and head over for some fun now.

Character Cards
▪ 3rd tab is added. You can now put a total of 9 cards instead of 6.
▪ Same job of card cannot be stacked anymore.

Season 2 Coin Shop
To celebrate the coming of Season 2, Spark and Wind has decided to set up their shops in Henesys. Players can now gather coins from events or Mulung Dojo and exchange items at their shop. Below are the list of items that Spark and Wind will be selling.

Equip Tab

Scroll Tab

Special Tab
image image

Use Tab

Set-up Tab

Other Tab

Special Tab

Updated as 24th April 2013

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